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About Future Insight

A podcast for educators

Future Insight explores national and international education trends, twenty-first century workforce demands, and current research relative to student college and career readiness.


Future Insight Host: Dr. Dean Antonio Cantù

A podcast hosted by Dr. Dean Cantù, University of Arkansas – Fort Smith, which examines current issues impacting K-12 and higher education.

Each episode, Future Insight host Dean Cantu engages in an engaging and informative conversation with some of the leading education experts from around the United States and world. These discussions reveal key strategies and insights focused on the critical aspects of education and how schools, universities, and employers can better be equipped to address these issues and concerns impacting K-12 and higher education in a digital and dynamic world.

Dr. Dean Cantu, Future Insight Host
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Recent Episodes

Recent Future Review Episodes

Episode #12 Registered Apprenticeships, Educational Partnerships, and Vision Casting

Future Insight host Dr. Dean Cantu discusses the role a new approach to apprenticeships in the woodworking industry and educational partnerships play in workforce development and vision casting with Professor Kelly Victor-Burke, Lecturer III, Co-Director Geotourism, & Historic Preservation Program Emerita, Eastern Michigan University.

Episode #11 Noncognitive Factors and Student Academic Success

Future Insight host Dr. Dean Cantu discusses the relationship between noncognitive factors – to include emotional intelligence, personality type, resilience/grit, and growth mindset – and student academic success, with Dr. Scott Richardson, Associate Professor, Franklin Pierce University.

Listen on Spotify - 19 min 44 sec, February 2022

Episode #10 The Use of Technology to Promote Equity and Excellence

Future Insight host Dr. Dean Cantu discusses the current K-12 educational landscape, with a particular focus on the integration of technology in the teaching and learning process to promote equity and excellence, with Dr. Marcus Belin, President of the Illinois Principals Association and Principal of Huntley High School.

Listen on Spotify - 22 min 21 sec, November 2021

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